Adjustable U- Bracket

Part NO. M950

2x2 Angles Bronze and White

Part NO. M210

Patio Products

S-Tie down

Part NO. M450

3" Capri Clip Bronze and White

Part NO. M311-1, M311 

Pins Reg, Extra Large

Part NO. M201, M202

Capri Clips Bronze and White  

Part NO. M115-1, M115

Trailer Plates with or without wing-nut

Part NO. M600, M600-1

Valance Holder

Part NO. M940

Awning Products

3" Insert with Flange 

Part NO. M337

Arm Holdup White and Ivory

Part NO. M700, M700-1

3"Bracket with window

Part NO. M520

Ears White and Ivory

Part NO. M900, M900-1

2" Internal Clip

Part NO. M178

1" U- Channel Bracket

Part NO. M150

2" insert 

Part NO M320

4" Insert with 2" Leg

Part NO. M338

1" X 36" Threshold

Part NO. M351



3" Insert with 2" Leg

Part NO. M336

3" Internal Clip

Part NO. M179

3- Band Bracket

Part NO. M725

W-Tie down

Part NO. M400

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Camels Small, Large, Extra Large

Part NO. M200, M300, M325

Offset sleeve

Part NO. M960

4" insert with Flange

Part NO. M339

Castle Clip White and Bronze

Part NO. M215, M215-1

Cover Cones White and Ivory

Part NO. M800, M800-1

L-Tie down

Part NO. M500

1 1/4" Roof Over

Part NO. M98

5" Bracket with window

Part NO. M515